Blue Can Water – Mobile Emergency 6 Pack Cooler Limited Availability

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  • 6 Cans, 72 ounces
  • Recommended 1 day supply for one person
  • Great for car, boat, RV, SUV or airplane
  • Safe in the heat – The alternative to plastic water bottles
  • Easy mobility for on the go – This water could save your life!
Blue Can Water Aluminum Can

Why Choose Blue Can Water?

50 Year Shelf Life

Eliminates the need to rotate expiring water

Stays Fresh and Pure

Even in extreme heat

Easily Dispensed and Consumed

Stored in 12oz aluminum pop-top cans

Fast Hydration

Critical in emergency situations

Preparation & Response Solution

Homes – Hospitals – Schools – Churches – Etc

On-Site Storage

Provides immediate access when disaster strikes

Convenient Long-Term Storage

Pallet footprint: 40" x 48" x 68"

Ultra-Pure Water

1ppm of dissolved solids (no boiling or filtering)

Green, Eco-Friendly

Sustainable recyclable containers

And Much More…

Blue Can Water is a lifesaver!

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