Blue Can Water – Mobile Emergency 6 Pack Cooler Limited Availability

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  • 6 Cans, 72 ounces
  • Recommended 1 day supply for one person
  • Great for car, boat, RV, SUV or airplane
  • Safe in the heat – The alternative to plastic water bottles
  • Easy mobility for on the go – This water could save your life!
Blue Can Water Aluminum Can

Why Choose Blue Can Water?

50-Year Shelf Life

Eliminates the need to rotate expiring water

Stays Fresh and Pure

Even in extreme heat

Easily Dispensed and Consumed

Stored in 12oz aluminum pop-top cans

Fast Hydration

Critical in emergency situations

Preparation & Response Solution

Homes – Hospitals – Schools – Churches – Etc

On-Site Storage

Provides immediate access when disaster strikes

Convenient Long-Term Storage

Pallet footprint: 40" x 48" x 68"

Ultra-Pure Water

1ppm of dissolved solids (no boiling or filtering)

Green, Eco-Friendly

Sustainable recyclable containers

And Much More…

Blue Can Water is a lifesaver!

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